Lost in Space - Hardcore Survival

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Message of the Day

Welcome to Lost In Space! (Last Server Wipe was 10/31/2020)

!! NOTICE – This is Hardcore Survival. It is supposed to be difficult. It is supposed to be a pain.

!! Name your grids
!! Put a beacon on anything you want to keep (an antenna is not a beacon!)
!! Jetpacks only work off planet
!! First Person Only
!! Tools in your spawn pod
!! Only 1 Large Grid Drill per player
!! PvP is allowed everywhere.
!! There are NPCs everywhere off of Earth that will actively hunt you!

!blocklimit limits – Check on block limit quotas
!blocklimit mylimit – Check on your current quota
!blocklimit update mylimit – Update your limits if they are reflecting wrong values
!fixship – Look at your ship and use this command to reset it if its bugged

Asteroids: Iron, Silver

All planets and moons have the basic ores; Iron, Nickel, Silicon and Ice, plus the additional rarer ores mentioned below:

Moons: Silver, Gold
Earth: Cobalt, Magnesium (rarely)
Mars: Platinum
Alien: Uranium
Triton: Magnesium

Magnesium can also be found in surface rocks on Earth, so that early defense is possible.
32% of rocks in Desert biome
12% of rocks in Forest biome
0% of rocks in Snow biome

There is a small chance to find thin Magnesium veins on Earth at depths greater than 100 meters.

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We have a particular vision for our game world, and we want to be sure to consider players’ feedback and perspectives when deciding on how to modify game mechanics and the game experience in general.