Lost in Space - Hardcore Survival

Welcome to Lost in Space!

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Message of the Day

Welcome to Lost In Space! (Last Server Wipe was 4/23/2021)

!! NOTICE – This is Hardcore Survival. It is supposed to be difficult. It is supposed to be a pain.

!! Name your grids
!! Put a beacon on anything you want to keep (an antenna is not a beacon!)
!! Jetpacks only work off planet
!! First Person Only
!! Tools in your spawn pod
!! PvP is allowed everywhere.

!blocklimit limits – Check on block limit quotas
!blocklimit mylimit – Check on your current quota
!blocklimit update mylimit – Update your limits if they are reflecting wrong values
!fixship – Look at your ship and use this command to reset it if its bugged

We’re currently running the Industrial Overhaul mod. This is a major departure from vanilla tech tree. Please review the user guide here.