Lost In Space

Welcome to Lost In Space – a Space Engineers Hardcore Survival Server. (Last Server Wipe was 02/23/2020)

  • Name your grids!
  • Put a beacon on anything you want to keep!
  • All hail Clang!

What does hardcore mean?

Are you ready for a challenging survival experience? We try to keep it mostly vanilla, adding only mods that will increase the challenge a bit as well as add NPC encounters to make the world a bit more alive.
If you like the game to be grindy enough to make your creations “valuable”, but not so grindy that it’s a second job, then we’re the server for you!

  • First-person only
  • Jetpacks are nerfed
  • Scarce resources
  • No tools on spawn
  • Everyone spawns on Earthlike

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