Traveling Again… Tucson Time!

After a nice long break from the trials of air travel, I’m back in the air again. This time taking a trip back to Tucson with the kiddo. He loves this place so much, so he’s very excited to get back to town. Got some business to take care of while we’re here, and some leisure time to spend — catch up with old friends, etc.

Seems I’m out of practice however. Leaving on a Thursday was a bit weird, since that is the day I was usually packing up to come home. We’re looking at it a bit like ‘take-your-kid-to-work-day’ and I get to show the kiddo what it’s like to live the #consultantlife for a bit. We made it to Tucson fine, but our bags didn’t… Not sure why everyone loves PDX so much… My first experience flying out of there and I get huge delays and no bags. LOL Seems about right. We connected in LAX, and the folly of that decision was apparent the minute we landed and found out parking was full at the gates. 🙂 Hurry up and WAIT! 😀

Good times, though. Nice adventure with the kiddo, and he’s rolling with the inconveniences like a champ. First thing he said to me as we walked outside from the airport, “Holy crap, Dad, look at the SKY! It’s all BLACK!” Very strange to see the contrast of the desert sky to the PNW sky. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a bit like mainlining natural anti-depressants. 🙂 I know I can use it, and I’m sure kiddo can too!