Hello World v2.5

What Is This?

Welcome to the second iteration of Slack’s Place! You can expect to find all kinds of content here which will hopefully be organized into some kind of meaningful presentation. Originally, this ‘blog’ started before the days of Facebook and ‘Social Media’, the old west of ‘Social Media’ if you will. Back when we were excited about GeoCities, and PrimeHost, and the lot. I used this site as a means to learn about web development and also to keep my family and friends who are far flung across the globe updated with my boring life. I received acclaimed reviews from 100% of my audience back in the day! Yup! All five people said it was good stuff! 😀

So, this is the next flavor of Slack’s Place. It will be much of the same boring content I put out before, and hopefully from time to time there will be a gem or two to share/find. I’m hoping to add to this more content around Code, Gaming, and other topics that I find interesting. I hope you find some of this useful as well!

Where Have I Been?

It’s been what, 15 years or so since Slack’s Place v1.0!? Well, when Facebook and Social Media really took off, there wasn’t as much need to roll your own ‘blogging’ platform, and my day job also took a bit of a turn away from the web development space so I just quit. Also, my writing back then was not something I could really be proud of anymore. 🙂 Now, with some changes to my personal and professional life, I’m bringing this back again as a means to learn, experiment, share with, and meet the community out there. I’m hugely inspired by the current state of the Open Source movement, and the Online Gaming space! Tons of things to write about, share, and discover!

What’s Coming Next?

Well, as you can see from the title of the page, this is my Hello World v2.5. Why 2.5? I already made a first attempt to get this out, and fumbled. So, we’re trying again. Expect to see improvements to the theme of the site, cadence of my posts, and quality of my writing. Let’s call this the growing pains stage. Hoping to update at least once a week on here with something! I’ll be struggling to find my focus around topics and content for awhile, so thanks for bearing with me as I learn!